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You’re new to the legal field. Law school has you learning new words and you can’t tell your affidavit from your assumpsit. Or maybe you’re a first-year associate at Name & Other Name law firm and are combing through your first deposition. I’m sure you’ll be fine and find the mentorship you need. U.S. News will be your go-to for figuring out where your school ranks among all the others. And Vault will list off the best firms to clock your mental drudgery at.

But who cares about that? Where will you find the mess? Which school’s professors keep dropping N-bombs in class? Which top firms were laying folks off? What is the new cutting-edge argument on courtroom floors? If you care about what’s going on in legal spaces, you need to check us out.

What if your interests are less billable and more Barristers? Who will you complain to about Erie Doctrine besides your cohort and your dear mother? Need a few memes to take the edge off of Legal Writing? Mature and kind-hearted content like:

Law School Memes For Edgy T`14s is a group of similarly minded, stressed out 1-3Ls making it through the legal hazing process and sharing a few laughs in between. If you care about what’s being said behind the teacher’s back, check us out.

If you wanted the legal scoop, now you know where to get it.

Chris Williams became a social media manager and assistant editor for Above the Law in June 2021. Prior to joining the staff, he moonlighted as a minor Memelord™ in the Facebook group Law School Memes for Edgy T14s. Before that, he wrote columns for an online magazine named The Muse Collaborative under the pen name Knehmo. He endured the great state of Missouri long enough to graduate from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. He is a former boatbuilder who cannot swim, a published author on critical race theory, philosophy, and humor, and has a love for cycling that occasionally annoys his peers. You can reach him by email at cwilliams@abovethelaw.com.

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