Well, 1L’s have been at law school just long enough to start freaking the f out about their grades. To be clear, there’s plenty of reason to wig out. 1L grades are the basis of your summer associateships, which in turn beget post-graduation jobs for a large swath of folks. So, no pressure, but yes — these are very, very important.

Bet you sure could use some advice about how to ace the rapidly approaching exams. This summer, I spoke with law professor Shailini George about her book, The Law Students’ Guide to Doing Well and Being Well. We also discuss how distraction addiction has become a problem for law school students hoping to ace exams. She also has practical advice on how law students can use wellness practices to improve their law school experience, as well as some tips on how to get into the studying zone.

Take a listen to what Professor George has to say — your grades just might thank you for it!

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