Bishop & Sewell is a 110-strong law firm with bold ambitions to be ranked in the top 100 places to work in the UK, having already earned its status as an independent top 100 law firm. The firm believes technology is central to achieving its ambition and have brought Access Legal in to help free up critical time currently dedicated to legacy systems. Bishop & Sewell is looking to achieve greater efficiencies across its business, ultimately ensuring the firm’s people are equipped to reach their full potential.  

Access Legal will assist the firm in the rollout of a proven intuitive browser-based practice management system, and a new risk and compliance platform. Bishop & Sewell also purchase Access Legal’s customer relationship management system (CRM) which helps the team to better track enquiries, identify the source of new business, improve the handling experience, and more easily identify potential cross-sell opportunities.  

In a comment, the firm’s Managing Partner Michael Kashis said: “We’re an ambitious law firm and wanted an equally ambitious technology partner. Access’ current and future strategy and product direction really appealed to us.”

 “It’s important that we are fully accessible to clients but also it is just as critical that we help our people and our wider firm become more efficient.  This meant looking beyond just an easy to use true Saas practice management system but investing in a more holistic software ecosystem that supports multiple areas of our practice – from managing our cases, our documents, our finances and communicating with clients to remaining compliant and staying ahead of regulations.  This will give time back to our people, allowing them to embrace their passions within the business that aren’t just bringing in a fee, such as CSR activities, championing mental health and wellbeing or investing time into learning and upskilling. At the same time, we will be able to offer an enhanced customer experience with the arrival of our new CRM.” 

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