In the City Civil Court of Bombay, actor Salman Khan and Salman Khan Ventures has filed a defamation suit against actor Kamaal R. Khan’s as the latter had been consistently making serious allegations against former’s film Radhe and his brand Being Human.

In response to the defamation suit, Kamaal R. Khan’s lawyer has submitted before the court that his client would not post any remark of defamatory nature against the plaintiff on any of his social media accounts until next date of hearing.

In the instant, the plaintiff has alleged that the defendant has recently released a YouTube video wherein he has reviewed plaintiff’s movie, Radhe. The plaint also stated that defendant has been constantly making false expressions that the plaintiff has defrauded the public as well as the government by making illicit gains.

The plaint further states that defendant’s serious allegations include calling plaintiff’s acts as that of dacoity and that the plaintiff no. 1 has blackmailed the poor people.

Moreover, it has been contended in the plaint that the defendant is not a critic but a habitual offender who passes sensational false statements under the garb of critiquing a film. The plaint added that such personal statements have been made with an intention to tarnish the image of plaintiffs, gain cheap publicity and illicit gains at the cost of maligning plaintiff’s image.

It has been submitted that such statements made by defendant are defamatory, baseless and not true as they appear; they aim at damaging the plaintiff’s goodwill and reputation in the eyes of right-thinking people which has been built over the years.

The plaint has termed the actions of defendant as a systematic and well-planned campaign against the plaintiffs without any due cause and therefore, there is a need to restrain him from continuing such actions.

The plaintiffs have sought for a written unconditional apology from the defendant and same should be published on all of his social media accounts including twitter and instagram. The plaintiffs have also sought for an injunction against defendant from passing or posting any such defamatory remark on plaintiffs, their business and the film Radhe.

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