In the book Ebony and Ivy (affiliate link) — no, not that one — Craig Steven Wilder did some deep digging into the history of America’s Ivy league universities, the likes of Yale, Princeton…and arguably Rutgers, to show that the initial capital that many of these schools relied on were made possible due to chattel slavery. Harvard is no exception.

In the 1930’s, Harvard Law adopted the family crest of Isaac Royall Jr., a wealthy family that owned slaves. Over the last few years, a student group named Royall Must Fall has protested Harvard’s use of the crest. Thankfully, their efforts have led to Harvard Law’s adoption of a new crest that is less slavery-flavored.

To be clear, this is not the first time that Harvard has been caught in the public eye concerning images and slavery. That said, it is inspirational to know that students found the time to push for what was right in between intense study and Netflix specials.

Oh, and to answer the question, about 80 years. To misquote Martin Luther King Jr., “The moral arch universe is long bends toward justice, but it runs on CP time”.

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