E-payments are here to stay, and the best time and billing software allows law firms to access these features in a cloud-based environment that integrates with other primary legal softwares.

In this episode of the Non-Eventcast, we talk about tactics for maximizing time capture and billing in the law firm environment, with two experts in the field. 

After discussing the weather (that’s how every great conversation starts, right?) for a little bit (3:17), Jordan Turk of LawPay makes the case for epayments (9:06).  Then, Scott Clasen from TimeSolv addresses how to surface financial data in time and billing software (13:05), as well as the viability of alternative payment methods in the legal space (18:03).  Finally, we take a look at new trends in law firm e-payment services (27:24), including third party financing of legal fees (25:03) and the use of cryptocurrency to pay for legal services (28:44).

E-payments are essential to modern law practice, and probably the simplest way to immediately increase law firm revenue.

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  • The two guests for today’s show. – 1:16
  • Ice breaker: What’s the weather like in your area? – 3:17
  • Why should law firms start using e-payments? – 9:06
  • How is surfacing data related to bill payment? – 13:05
  • Alternative fee agreements for law firms. – 18:03
  • Financial services acting as a middle man between the client and the law firms: What does it mean and how does it work? – 25:03
  • The new trends that people can expect in e-payments. – 27:24
  • Do legal payment providers offer options if a consumer wants to pay using cryptocurrency? – 28:44
  • Where to find the guest today. – 31:49

Episode Resources

  • https://timesolv.com/
  • https://lawpay.com/
  • https://redcavelegal.com/

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  • jared@redcavelegal.com
  • https://redcavelegal.com/
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaredcorreia
  • https://twitter.com/RedCaveLegal

Connect with Scott Clasen and Jordan Turk

  • http://affinipay.com/
  • https://www.profitsolv.com/

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